Dave is awesome ..

I hadn't been looking for a new apartment for too long -- but the various attempts I made with other real estate brokers were always ignored. Dave got back to me right away .. like RIGHT AWAY. I sent him an email at 9:45 PM on a Tuesday night and got a response at 9:47. The apartment I inquired about was no longer available (their website is not readily maintained -- but not really their fault since it seems like apartment listings come on and off the market at lightning fast speed) but Dave said he will have something to show me in a couple days -- plus! NO FEE!! WOOT

I met Dave and the super at the apartment. They showed me the unit, which was still under renovation -- and then they showed me a finished unit just so I could get an idea of what it would look like. Just signed the lease on Monday and am getting ready to move in next week!

Dave has always been super responsive to my texts and emails. Everyone in the office seem like good peepz. They all seem very busy - but I never felt ignored or brushed off.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Lang Realty and Dave to anyone who's looking to find a place. —Helen H. . Brooklyn, NY
All my experience with real estate agents had been pretty lousy and virtually all left a bad taste in my mouth so naturally when I came across Lang Realty through Craigslist, I certainly imagined they would be no different and while I always remained optimistic, I suppose I was a tad gun-shy. I first met Joe & then about 2 weeks later when I came across another flat on CL, unbeknownst to me, I wound up meeting with him again.
I was something of a pain, I knew what I wanted in a flat so I was being "particular" if you will, no, let's be honest ........ I was being a royal pain in the arse. But after Joe took me back to the office to meet the rest of the Lang family, despite my trepidations, I was honestly impressed. They asked me a number of questions to get a clear idea of just what I was looking for, they brainstormed back and forth for a while, although I was honestly ready to throw in the towel, and then Sam suggested an apartment he thought I would like. On the spot, at night, and despite the apartment not being hooked up with electricity yet, he took me to see it. He was funny and friendly the whole ride there! The apartment Sam showed me that night is now home, I love it, and I love Lang Realty! They don't come better than these guys, they are super accommodating, friendly and keen-witted.
I highly recommend Lang Realty!! A++++++ —Margarita M. Brooklyn, NY
I had a great experience with Lang Realty. I responded to a Craigslist posting by them, and was shown the apt within a few days - looked just as it was pictured. The broker showed up on time (yay!) and when I decided to apply for the apt, they did the credit check immediately in the office; I found out the next day about approval.

Everyone I dealt with was pleasant and I was amazed how painless and easy the process was. Bonus - only a one month's broker fee. Although the broker didn't really do that much, the whole apt-getting process was so easy, that I didn't mind paying it as much. Esp. when compared to the ordeal of Craigslist apt-hunting, the fee was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Anyway, love the new place - thanks Lang!

—Jenn R. Brooklyn, NY
Lang Realty was very helpful in my apartment search and very professional. I felt no pressure, and when it was time to apply, they made the process quick and painless! I truly appreciated the help from Joe and David at Lang Realty. —David W. Brooklyn, NY
Dave at Lang Realty made our apartment hunt ENJOYABLE from the beginning to the end. Not only was he excited, friendly and knowledgable, but made us feel like friends. I will be sure to tell anyone I know looking for an apartment in Brooklyn to save their time, effort and money and go to Lang! Thanks Dave and the rest of the team at Lang!! —Chris B.
I had a great experience with Lang Realty, and no, I have no stake in the company and I'm not pals with anybody who works there! My broker was Dave, very cool guy and helpful and knowledgeable. I was specific about what I was looking for, and he was happy to show me places I might be interested in, talked about them beforehand. He never rushed me, was never aggressive or pushy like some brokers can be. On the contrary, he took his time with me, always followed up, answered my questions, and was genuinely interested in having me find a place I liked. I've worked with a bunch of brokers and firms before, and Lang totally takes the cake. They rule. —Paul V.
Lang Realty, and Joe specifically were really professional and nice to me. They didn't try to push me or convincing me for an apartment in a sales-person kind of way, I like it.
They were very honest about everything and very direct which I appreciate.
I will definitely recommend them to others. —Shaul E.
I'm a fan of Lang Realty. I saw an apartment that I thought looked good via craigslist, and sent a quick note to them. Joe instantly responded and we set up a viewing appointment right away. He was on time, showed me around, answered all of my questions, and when I said I wanted the place, he had all the paperwork I needed right there.

He was on the ball and knowledgeable about the building and the neighborhood. This is something I really appreciate in a realtor. The speediness of everything was great too. I didn't expect to have found my place so quickly or to have the process go so incredibly smoothly. Thanks Joe and Lang Realty! —C. M. - Brooklyn, NY
We I first decide that it was time to move from where I was living, I already knew I did not want to deal with a broker.
So i did like any other New Yorker and scoured Craigslist everyday and night. i cam across some really weird spots and must say discouraged me from even looking for apartments in Brooklyn. After deciding that if i did not find a place ASAP I will have to either move in with my mother or become someones room mate.
On my last day of searching I came across a craigslist and noticed that it was listed by Lang Realty, off course I was desperate so I called Lang Realty and made an appointment with Dave.
The first apartment that i wanted to see was already taken by the time my appointment came around. I expressed to Dave how urgent it was that I needed to move and by the next day he contact me via text and told me he has a great one bedroom in a nice apartment building and he was more than happy to show it to me. I jumped at the chance. When we arrived a the apartment I must say i have heard Realtors tell me that an apartment was great and when Ishowed up it looked like a crime scene. Well Not with Dave he was not lying at all the apartment was clean and beautiful. That was the only apartment that I looked at I did not want to see another because i fell in love with that one. He fought for me to get that apartment and needless to say i will be moving in on the 1st of January. Dave was so cool i could reach him at anytime and I never felt that I was pressured or rushed. At times I felt like i was being annoying but he never made me feel like I was annoying him. If i ever decide to move ever again he is my go to guy!!!!! OH let me add this MY APARTMENT! —A.S.-Brooklyn
Who'da thought me going online to search for an apartment would end in me finding a dream place?
Lang Realty is the BOMB!
Three cheers for my awesome broker Scott, and for his whole office...They are awesome. —Stacey G.
I spent about 2 weeks looking at different places throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan after my first visit with Dave at Lang. I was very picky and he suggested that I "shop around" before making any decisions. In all of the looking, I never experienced anybody as friendly, professional, and knowledgable as Dave. I knew that I would choose a place with Lang. Now that I am moved in I wanted to spread the word: if anybody is looking for a place in Brooklyn, save yourself the stress of Craigslist and call up Lang Realty. They really care about what you are looking for and try to find a place for you which suits your desires. The application process is easy as is the lease signing (he even gave me a cup of coffee while I read the lease!) The best thing about it all - most of the apartments have NO broker fees! It seemed almost wrong to get such great service for free! A++++!!! —Zach B.
I moved to Brooklyn from California and this would not have been possible if not for the help of Dave at Lang Realty. He was always there to respond to a text or pick up the phone. I even made a 24 hour trip to Brooklyn to view apartments and Dave made sure i did not leave with out finding a place i loved. I will use them again in the future as well as continue to recommend them to everyone i know. Thank you Dave, you were my hero!!! —Kim M.
This was a great realty company to deal with. Dave was super nice and helpful. I got a great apartment with no hassle or drama, which is not always the case in NY. If you are in the market for a new place to rent, check these guys out. —C.M.T.
Dave at Lang Realty was very accommodating and patient during my apartment search and helped me find a new Brooklyn apartment. When deciding between two apartments, I was given plenty of time in each space and visited each unit multiple times to make the —Geneva, Brooklyn NY
WHAT a breath of fresh air. I can't tell you how many people told me that apartment hunting as a single woman in NYC is like car shopping as a single woman anywhere - EVERYONE tries to con you b/c they think you're dumb as shit. True story - I now know they were right. The man-eating psychotic feminist in me has reared her crazed head more in the past week than I think in my entire life.

Dave at Lang Realty, however, single-handedly saved my sanity. I don't think I've ever even had boyfriends more responsive to text messages than this guy, seriously. I don't know how he types on his phone that fast. He was super quick to tell me what was available and what wasn't, and he very quickly got an idea of what I was looking for. Because of him, I was in the right place at the right time to get an AWESOME one bedroom for the price of a studio in a fantastic area half a block from the train station I wanted to be near. After I submitted all my documents, he told me I'd know by next evening if I was approved, and he called me at 11:45AM, hours earlier than I was even daring to hope. Yes, that's partially the building being on the ball too, but he was the one who told me the building was that fabulous to begin with.

The only con I can even think of is that they still have listings on their website that have already been rented out, but I can't even consider that a con because Dave was so quick to tell me what was available. Also, I met a couple of the other people at the company when I went pay my deposit, and they all seemed equally friendly and capable. I swear, I'm not even ever going to search Craig's List if I have to move again within BK - straight to Lang I go! —Nidhi B.-1/20/2010

I needed an apartment immediately for under $1000 and Lang delivered precisely that. Dave was my broker and he told me every detail there was to know about the apartment. The same day, my credit check was ran and was approved to sign the lease (still haven't yet, will in 2 days). Never thought this transition would be so smooth.
—Nate T.
Gave my apt to Lang Realty in Brooklyn NY for them to rent out. Within a week they had an amazing tenant for me. I cant thank Lang Realty enough.. I have never had such a good experience with a real estate company before. Totally honest and they took care of everything! From taking photos, showing the apartment also doing a credit check to signing the lease. Dave and Nathan I cant thank you enough! —Joe A.

Dave is the man!

After spending a whole week seeing the worst of what Brooklyn has to offer in terms of brokers and apartments, I found Dave through CL. He was everything you want - communicative, fast, no BS, and honest. Everything he showed us was great, there was no pressure, and he was very accommodating - something I didn't find with ANY other broker. He liked us and we liked him, so he fought to get us the place we wanted even though we weren't the first to apply for the place. He responded quickly, even on a holiday, and we had the place the next working day. Couldn't have been better. —Andrew B.
Lang was great. me and my gf met with Nathen. He was no bs, informative and even recomended other apts for us. He really had our interest in mind when looking for apts and was as quick as possible when signing forms. The management company closed at 5 and we needed to meet after normal work hours. Lang arranged for the lease to be signed at their office (they are open till 6 which is great when you cant take off to much form work for apt hunting). Everything was filled out and ready for us. Just waiting on the keys. Only down fall was they had the wrong phone number for the supper of the building. He has the keys but we will be able to get that from the management company. I wish i could jsut take a half star.... —Kieran J. Woodhaven, NY
Yay... I just signed my lease today on a great new apartment thanks to Dave at Lang Realty. Lang has great listings in the neighborhood that I was interested in and Dave was very friendly and responsive throughout the application process. And best of all, there was no broker fee for his great service, so it was a great experience dealing with him after being robbed blind by other brokers in the past. If you're looking for anything in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens or Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, Lang is the way to go! —Dylan H. 3/26/2010
I found searching for my first apartment in Brooklyn rather daunting. I have never lived anywhere but New Jersey and didn't know a whole lot about the boroughs of New York. After a few weeks of fruitless searching I came across a place that looked amazing. I didn't want to go through a realtor but since it said no fee I decided to give it a shot. So glad I did! The agent (Dave) was very polite and friendly. He met me on time at the apartment and was happy to answer any questions or concerns I had honestly. He made me feel comfortable that the apartment I was getting was wonderful and the best decision I could make. I highly recommend Lang Realty. I have met the whole family and they are great people to work with and they are very flexible and accomodating to your schedule. If you go through a realtor they are the best! —Jesse L. 7/23/2009
Really, who loves a realtor?

Gotta say I do. Scott showed me four or five apartments and we both knew that I was stuck on one of them. He wasn't pushy, is personable, smart, patient, friendly, and treated me with respect. Ditto for everyone in his office, from the administrative woman to his supervisor to, ultimately, my landlord.

I have an unimaginably good deal, live in the neighborhood I hoped to move to, lowered my rent, practically doubled my space, and am really, really grateful to Scott and his colleagues. He stopped by last week while showing another apartment in my building. This may sound like hype, but it's true. And I never met Scott until the morning I saw an ad of his on craigslist for an apartment in Clinton Hill.

After seven years in Brooklyn, I'm finally home. Thanks. —Jesse e
My girlfriend and I needed to move to New York for my new job, as commuting from Philadelphia every day just wasn't cutting it. We tried craigslist, and frankly, we were getting jerked around and it was incredibly frustrating.

So, of course, we looked on Yelp! for a good realtor in the Brooklyn area. And hell if Dave over at Lang live up to his reputation. The scores on this site are no joke. In a little under 2 weeks, we saw a place we loved, got our paperwork in, and signed the lease... something we hadn't been able to even sniff at by ourselves. Even when faced with the possibility of another applicant being approved ahead of us for the same apartment, Dave worked hard and got us the place. Since getting him involved, it's been a simple and painless process.

Really, it's worth your time to just shoot the guys over at Lang an e-mail. If anything, they can at least point you in the right direction, but I'd be surprised if they couldn't take care of you as they did us. —James D
High fives all around to Lang Realty.Scott was so helpful and kind while we decided to pick an apt. We decided to go ahead and put a deposit down and Scott went out of his way and came back to the neighborhood we were hanging out in. The credit checks and paperwork were processed in one quick day and we were in the next day to sign the lease. Everyone at the office at lang realty was friendly and accommodating. If you need an apt go see Lang Realty! —Ryan E.
If you are considering finding an Apartment in Brooklyn then I would strongly recommend using Lang Realty. I searched countless days and made numerous appointments in search for the perfect apartment for my roommates and I to live in. We met our fair share of idiots and also met a few Realtors who actually knew what they were doing. We first met an individual by the name of Sam who was very nice and had a lot of information about the apartment; however, the apartment just wasn't what we were looking for. After many other disappointments using Craigslist, we stumbled across Dave Kehaty on numerous listings. He was very polite over the phone and listened to exactly what we wanted. He had just the apartment for us and within a matter of minutes we were filling out paperwork. We are three college students so of course we had to deal with a lot of paperwork back and forth from out parents back home (other states) and they were more than willing to be patient and work with us in order to get everything done. When we walked into the office we saw Sam, the other very polite Realtor and that made us feel better about Lang Realty knowing that they had great employees working for them. Dave is very friendly, easy to talk to and responds very quickly to any and every question. He's very down to earth and I feel a bit safer in my neighborhood when I casually walk by and see him outside of business clothes visiting his family on the same street. I would recommend Lang Realty 100% to friends and family to save them stress and time using other Real Estate Companies.

We are very satisfied with the apartment that Lang Realty has set us up in! —Vincent C.
My roommates and I were looking for our first apartment, and soon became exhausted from constantly looking at CraigsList. We came across a great listing from Lang Realty. Scott was wonderful in helping us out and getting everything coordinated throughout the entire process. Everyone at the office was so friendly and respectful. Some of my friends are looking for apartments, and I've already told them to go to Lang. Thanks! —Lilly D.
I saw an ad on http://Craigslist.com for an apartment, responded to it, and Joe Brikman immediately got back to me. We scheduled a viewing the next day and I fell in love with the space. He was reliable, helpful, and understanding to my needs. Two thumbs up to Lang Realty as a whole. The approval and acceptance process was painless and clearly explained ahead of time. Joe was honest, to the point, and accommodating. —Ruth K.
I had a fantastic experience with Joe and Lang Realty. After responding to an ad on craigslist, Joe created consistant communication with me to make sure that I was satisfied. We looked at two places that were rented as we were touring them. He said he would find me something beautiful, AND HE DID! My new apartment is not only beautiful, it is in a great neighborhood and close to the train I need to take to work. The approval process was smooth and he was great about keeping me updated. Joe and the Lang Realty Team made my apartment search fast and easier than I ever could have imagined. —Andrea J.
i've never been a fan of Craig's List but in a mad search for an apartment in Brooklyn, I came across Dave at Lang Realty. Dave is a master at text messaging, extremely attentive and an all around nice guy. He's straight up - doesn't waste your time and shows only quality apartments within your budget. i had my heart set on one neighborhood and when there was nothing available, Dave recommended a beautiful 'hood and found a great apartment! Definitely a fan of Dave and Lang - Highly recommended if you know what you want in Brooklyn! —Janis L.
dave was such a help in the whole apartment-finding process that we're even facebook friends now. i can't say enough about this realty. they were friendly, professional, and funny too. just good, honest, hard-working people trying their best to help pe —Brett D, Brooklyn
Dave Kehaty is unlike any broker I have ever met, ever. And anyone who has ever tried to find an apartment in NYC knows that can only be a good thing. He was HONEST & helpful & kind & straight forward & GENUINELY NICE. I was in complete despair after weeks of searching for an affordable 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, when I stumbled across his ad on Craigslist. First off, he responded to my email immediately (weird, right?). Then contacted me to confirm the appointment and responded so fast to all my subsequent calls and texts.
When I saw and loved the apt he was showing, I immediately went into panic mode because there were lots of other people interested and I was recently laid off. I talked to Dave about my situation and he told me the truth, that the Landlord was hesitant to rent to someone without a job. Dave actually fought for me, and ended up getting me the apartment! I have been living in NYC since the late 90's and I've moved at least a dozen times. I have never had an experience that comes close to the positive experience I had with dave. I just can't recommend this guy enough. Beyond nice. Beyond helpful. I am still in awe... —Becca R.
I had a wonderful experience with Lang Realty. Dave has a stupendous talent and ambition when it comes to giving his customers what they want, informationally and personally. I felt comfortable and if I leave the apartment he just got for me I would like to go through him again.

2 Thumbs Way Up! —Ashley P.
Dave was helpful, quick and efficient. he found me a nice place, right where I want to be. He was recommended by a friend who moved to the area just before I did and I'm glad I called him. My experience was super good. —Logan C
Dave was wonderful to work with!

Dave found my boyfriend and I our first apartment in Brooklyn. I emailed him about a craigslist post and he responded within the hour. He was able to show us 3 apartments in our (modest) price range. He is honest, easy to talk to, and very punctual. Since we are new to the area he showed us apartments in, he provided us with useful information about where everything was around us (train stops, restaurants, etc.)

When we decided on an apartment, Dave stayed in contact with me on a daily basis to inform us about our application progress. Once we were approved, Dave sent me back my deposit check (I gave it to him to hold the apartment and there wasn't a brokers fee!) and I received it in the mail the following day. We signed our lease yesterday and we move in on the 1st! Overall, I am very satisfied with Dave from Lang Realty. I would definitely recommend him! —Kendra C.
Scott helped me get a lovely, newly renovated studio right next to Prospect Park.

The apartment I had gone to look at initially was already rented by the time I got out there and he went out of his way to find an alternative for me to look at before I got back on the train to go back to work.

My application for the apartment was accepted the same day.

Thanks! —Whitney Z
Minutes ago, we found out that we are moving into a gorgeous, under market value apartment near prospect park...all thanks to Dave at Lang Realty!

In under a week Dave found what we were looking for and got us approved and ready to move in! Painless and simple, Dave made finding a great apartment in Brooklyn a breeze. Every single time we corresponded with Dave, he responded to our emails in minutes and our texts in seconds!

We Highly recommend Lang Realty and you should absolutely ask for Dave! He is the man! —Jenny V.
My wife and I recently made the decision to move to Brooklyn in order to cut commute cost and overall daily expense. I got in touch with Dave after contacting a few other real estate firms in the area and am very happy I did. He is knowledgable, punctual and readily available to answer any questions one may have. For example, I met Dave to see one apartment and he ended up showing me four. He had all the paper work ready the next day.

We love our new place and are very pleased with the results. I'll recommend Lang Realty NY in the future for sure. —Spencer S.
I only have good things to say about Lang Realty, and Dave in particular. I have a very particular case in which I am an international student, so I have no social security or credit in the United States. Dave still managed to pull through and find me some places to look at. He also took into consideration that I was a single female living on my own, so he only showed me places that he knew would be safe for me.

He was always in touch, always answered his phone, called back, texted, e-mailed. He had answers to all of my questions. He was extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Dave from Lang Realty! —Ruth K
I called Lang Realty because two of my friends worked with them and have fabulous apartments. I called Sam at the end of the month, when I had three days to find a place and sign a lease. He helped me find one that evening, in two hours. This is a beautiful, huge apartment, near the subway and in the neighborhood I had hoped to live in. Sam walked me through the whole process, checking to make sure things worked out at every step. I just moved in a few hours ago and I'm thrilled! —Lorraine R.
a good experience with a realtor? what?

dave from lang realty is a top guy. strait-forward, down to earth, punctual, self-deprecating, honest... actually, he reeks distinctly of eau de best man.

i only ended up getting a no fee starter apartment, but dave treated me like a meal ticket client. He stayed in almost daily contact and updated me throughout the entire process (which was complicated through no fault of his own). In the end, i'm very happy with the apartment he helped me into and id gladly recommend this place(guy?) to anyone anytime.

A+++ will hire again. —Ricky R.
Just when I thought great customer service was a thing of the past, I met Dave from Lang. Dave is great. He's helpful, responsive, funny, and wears killer Converse (which I only mention, because they're fun to look at). Initially, Dave helped me to get my paperwork in on a lovely apartment in my favorite neighborhood. When it turned out that I was just a tad too slow on the draw, and another applicant got her paperwork in before me (through a different broker), Dave fought the good fight for me. Unfortunately for me, the other applicant was approved, which is where normally this story would end. However, Dave wanted to make sure I'd had a successful search, so he kept in mind my needs, wants and price range and contacted me as soon as he heard of something that fit the bill. Not only did he keep me in mind, he arranged a viewing for me before the apartment went "public." On top of that, he gave me the rest of the afternoon to make up my mind once I'd seen the space. The apartment is adorable, beyond fairly priced and is housed in a building that Dave says is his fave. Needless-to-say, I took the apartment, and I will take any apartment-hunting friend of mine to Dave in the future. —Monica J.
Like many others, the anticipation of moving in Brooklyn congers complex feelings of resentment, anxiety and vulnerability. I could go into many horrifying stories about being whisked away by some shady "broker" who urgently, relentlessly tries to bully me into taking some crappy, vermin-infested apartment with insane rent and even more insane fees. No more.

I came across Dave at Lang Realty by a stroke of luck. He was such an ease to work with. He is a really calm, sweet guy who was very responsive and took a lot of time and care to get me into a great place. He would respond promptly to even my late night, anxiety-riddled text messages reassuringly. He always reliable in terms of getting back to me when he said he would and made the entire process that is intrinsically a nightmare, run incredibly smoothly. I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for an apartment in Brooklyn. —Michelle A.
Working with Dave made an an otherwise insanity provoking experience very manageable. He was so available for questions and help, and SO fast to respond; what everyone else says is true. (How DOES he type that fast?)

I called him up about a cheaper studio on the south side of prospect park. When he found out I was doing (or trying to do) my apartment search from Minnesota, he said there is no way he'd let me rent there without first coming out to see it. BUT, he offered an even better suggestion, a 1BR (which i thought I could never manage to get into) in a better neighborhood for not much more than I was looking to spend.

I know it is more an exception than a rule, but he was able to get me into a great 1 BR apartment while I was still in MN finishing up work before heading to NY for grad school. (I was lucky enough to have a friend out here to look at it for me). The paperwork was a little tricky with a co-signer on the application, but we got it all together and he was so helpful.

If I ever move in brooklyn again it will be through Lang no messing with craigslist or any of that nonsense, especially Dave, who was amazing in absolutely every way. Also am recommending any friends moving here to use him. Top notch service! —Lisa S.
Ok, I found my first apartment on Craiglist. It seemed like a great deal in an okay area. Needless to say, that didn't work out at all. I was ready to move within days of moving in.

Then, I saw another apartment that seemed too good to be true at the price point it was listed at. Enters Dave and his awesome help. Dave showed me the apartment giving very specific and useful information. He was also very professional (on time, courteous, etc). Through the application process he was very helpful and genuine about hoping that I got the apartment. I got the apartment and I love it!!!!

Not only that but there was no broker fee, and this is New York people!!! Dave and Lang Realty did a great job and if I ever have to look for an apartment in BK it will be with Lang Realty. —John B.
Full-disclosure, I signed with this place and they had an apartment that was perfect for us and we signed the day we saw it.

Lang Realty was friendly, accommodating, and expedient with their service. They didn't treat two med students looking for a place like second-class citizens which had happened to me and my roommate before. It was very appreciated. —Andre P.
Hooray for lang realty!!! my husband and i were moving from detroit to brooklyn, and had less than a week to find a place. i found lang online and was intrigued by their excellent reviews, apt choices and prices. especially the no fee part. joe was awesome! he showed us a beautiful apt in ditmas for our price range and got things moving quickly for us. we wrapped it up in just a few days time! everyone at the lang office is very friendly and helpful. lang realty is definitely the way to go--they got it goin on! i recommend them to everyone! thank u, thank u, thank u, lang realty!!!
-vanessa and michael canich —Ness L.
Nothing but wonderful things to say about Lang Realty! Joe was amazing - responded right away, called me personally when he needed more information, spent awhile showing me a bunch of different apartments...everything you'd hope for in a broker. I was looking at the no-fee apartments first, but when I discovered that of course these were all much smaller than I imagined, he showed me a few fee apartments. These were wonderful. The paperwork process was quick, easy, the receptionist super responsive and helpful...I've even had to call a few times to get the number of my building management company - Lang has yet to get annoyed at me for this, and responded right away to my inquiry, even though there is nothing in it for them.
Go with Lang Realty if you're looking in the area they serve! —Erin C
I needed an apartment immediately for under $1000 and Lang delivered precisely that. Dave was my broker and he told me every detail there was to know about the apartment. The same day, my credit check was ran and was approved to sign the lease (still haven't yet, will in 2 days). Never thought this transition would be so smooth.

Lang, along with Brooklyn Hearth Realty, are the best agencies I have come across in Brooklyn. —Nate T.
Ask for DAVE and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I have just moved into my apartment about a week ago and couldn't be happier. Dave is the most efficient and responsive person. He is so fast to respond that it seems as though he replies before I even hit send on my text message to him. I gave Dave a long list of the amenities and the budget that I preferred for my apartment and he gave me everything and more than I had asked. He truly cares about his clients and would not just place you in any location. He helped me find an apartment in an extremely safe area and exactly within my price range. I have dealt with other realtors that have taken days or even weeks to respond to me. Trust me, you will not have to worry about this time gap with Dave because he responds within a matter of minutes, if not seconds. He is also extremely patient and always eager to answer my many questions for him. I am not from New York and was really worried about the location. However, he reassured me that he would find a safe place for me and now after moving in for 7 days already, I can safely say that I couldn' have asked for a better location. Plus, he was so patient enough to walk me through each page of the contract while I was 3000 miles away from New York. I am so happy with my apartment and especially for the fact that it is within my budget. Dave really puts all of his effort and energy into helping his clients and I truly thank him for this. It is rare to find someone so dedicated to his clients. Thank you so much Dave! —Laura S.
My roommates and I were looking for our first apartment, and soon became exhausted from constantly looking at CraigsList. We came across a great listing from Lang Realty. Scott was wonderful in helping us out and getting everything coordinated throughout the entire process. Everyone at the office was so friendly and respectful. Some of my friends are looking for apartments, and I've already told them to go to Lang. Thanks! —Lilly M.
We were desperate. We had a packed Uhaul and nowhere to unload it. We stumbled upon David (and Lang Realty) though one of the listings on craigslist, and figured we'd go check this apartment out. We loved the first apartment, but alas, it had already gone to someone else. Fortunately David immediately took us around town to go find something else. He showed us several apartments and really listened to what we were looking for. He also stressed the importance of not rushing in, and insisted we take a walk around the neighborhood and get a feel for the area.
Unlike some of the other brokers we had worked with, he was trying to find us a home, not just unload his cheapest least desirable apartment on us because he could see how desperate we were. Finally he brought us to a place that we absolutely fell in love with. It was the Thursday before the 4th of July. We needed to move in asap, and David and the Lang Realty made all the phone calls, faxes, and arrangements. 24 hours later we were unloading the Uhaul in our new place on a holiday weekend.
We've been in our place for about a week now and couldn't be happier! Thanks Dave and Lang Realty! —Greta S.
My girlfriend and I found Joe and Lang Realty through Craigslist, and we couldn't be happier with our apartment and the service we received. After spending a good portion of the day looking for apartments on our own, we called Joe and he took us to the best places we'd seen yet. He was very helpful and made sure we got exactly what we wanted at the right price. Highly recommend. —Mattew S.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Lang Realty. I just moved to New York for school and was supposed to sublet a friends apartment when he bailed on me at the last minute after I was already in town. Needless to say I was upset and a bit frazzled. I stumbled across Lang Realty on Craig's list and was absolutely amazed by my experience with Joe and the other employees. He scheduled a time to show me an apartment within an hour after I called him and took the time to show me another apartment, which is the one I ended up taking. They hustled to get me through the paperwork and into the apartment given my situation, and kept me informed and updated throughout the entire process. They were incredibly professional, but more than anything I was truly impressed by their sincerity and kindness. It came at a time when I really needed it. Highest recommendation. —M.B.
Looking for an apartment in New York is hell. We all know this. That said, the gentlemen over at Lang Realty (and they really are gentlemen) made my apartment hunting experience considerably less fraught. Scott was my broker, and he was a relaxed and informative presence on the other end of the phone despite the fact that I was completely unprepared. He was professional, realistic, and very patient, and friendly to boot. I was impressed with the entire staff at Lang Realty, particularly in their ability to calmly and kindly deal with stressed out apartment hunters. Above all, they were efficient! Long story short, I now have a lovely two bedroom apartment in Clinton Hill for a ridiculous price, and I was able to sign the lease the day after filling out the application. All told, it took TWO DAYS. Rather impressive! I highly reccommend Scott and the rest of the team at Lang Realty. Thanks y'all! —Glenna G.

I have moved countless times, an absurd amount. Fate until today must have deemed it necessary to provide me with many lessons of life with only a temporary place to lay one's head. But I think I found it... Home. (sounds very magical). And in one day, one hour, found a great place, approved same day, and keys two days later. Feeling very good and I have Lang Realty to thank in part. (oh...and no fee apartments through a realtor is amazing too). Scams on craigslist sucks.... so much wading through garbage posts, bleh. yeah, Lang! —Michelle G.
Lang Realty is the best (and as far as I am concerned the ONLY) place in Brooklyn to deal with when you are looking for an apartment. Dave was just great - straight up, very informative, and actually found me an great apartment for less than I expected to pay. I saw apartments with three other real estate agents that day and nothing was close to what Dave showed me. Great neighborhood, close to the Q train, and exactly what I was looking for!! Call Lang first and you won't be sorry!!!!! —Donna G.
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